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At BESC, we have the equipment and expertise to determine your current energy expenditures.


Since 1985, Tim Twomey has been involved in multiple facets of the building industry. With a longstanding interest in energy and the environment, Tim’s eyes were opened to the fragmented nature of construction and its effect on the final product. He witnessed many inefficiencies in the design and building process, often due to the large number of designers, consultants, and contractors required to complete a build. In a standard construction project, each consultant and contractor are "compartmentalized"and perform their parts in the building operation as quickly and inexpensively as possible, resulting in deficiencies in the overall performance of the completed structure.

What we do

Streamline Your Build and Improve Efficiency

Avoid the performance and efficiency flaws typical in today’s standard construction process with BESC high-performance design and construction. Whether you are a home or business owner overwhelmed with the number of contractors necessary to achieve a successful build, or a construction manager looking to simplify and perfect your high-performance construction process, BESC High Performance Building Design can help you accomplish a more streamlined, cohesive build, maximizing the performance of your high-efficiency structure.

Take Your Building Results to a Higher Level

Using a more holistic, results-oriented building process, BESC safeguards the end-performance of your structure, netting you an abundant return. Strategically designed and carefully constructed with the help of our team of specially selected building partners, BESC-built designs possess a better thermal envelope, requiring far smaller, less expensive HVAC and water heating equipment. This results in lower construction costs and a lifetime of energy savings.

Save Annually with a BESC High-Performance Build

Every BESC construction project ensures customer satisfaction. Carefully tested with specialized equipment, we verify results. Our customers enjoy improved comfort and dramatically reduced energy expenditures over the life of the building. We are so confident of our superior building process, we can calculate and guarantee your monthly energy savings based on your building design.

Calculate The Savings

Discover how much you could save annually with a BESC high-performance build.

Get guaranteed performance. Start off on the right foot with the help of BESC High Performance Building Design. Browse our website and learn more about our comprehensive process, or contact us at 530-302-3868 or 707-397-1487 today.


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High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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