Driving Change in High-Performance Building Design

Since 1985, BESC, Inc. has been involved in multiple facets of the building industry.  Due to a longstanding interest in energy efficiency and the environment, our holistic approach to buildings has continued to evolve, so that we can provide you with the safest, most energy efficient, and environmentally conscious design possible.

We’ve witnessed many inefficiencies in the design and building process, often due to the large number of designers, consultants, and contractors coming from multiple directions with a penchant to satisfy their bottom line rather than your needs.

Whether it be complex or simple, BESC creates solutions based upon your goals.  We pull from our team of resources within and work democratically with your team to achieve desired results, efficiently, economically and on time!


Structural integrity is intimately connected to your building’s safety and efficiency.


Use our expertise to determine your current energy expenditures and learn how to reduce them.


Ventilation to increase filtered, fresh air and protection from pathogens requires more than moving air around, modifying a fresh air intake or repairing an economizer.  Proper ventilation is a science that requires each conditioned space be evaluated for its unique characteristics.  BESC has the equipment and the engineering and technical personnel to make the correct adjustments.


Our final product ensures an esthetically pleasing, functional and safe design that will complement the ultimate performance of your structure.


Engineering & Framing

The structure and framing of your dwelling are intimately connected to its efficiency.

Insulation & Energy

We have the equipment and expertise to predict your future energy expenditures before building.

Design & Installation

Whether building anew, adding on or renovating, BESC is uniquely equipped with a team of structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers who take leadership in safety, energy and environmental design.

The Domino Effect of the Fragmented Build

The isolation of each sector in the construction process leads to inadequacies in building performance, and impacts purchases down the line.  Overbuilt structures can worsen the efficiency equation, leading to the need for larger, more expensive HVAC and water heating equipment to compensate for a leaky thermal envelope and poorly located, improperly designed ventilation equipment.

Go beyond simply completing a structure that looks pretty on the outside, take the leap to work with passionate, environmentally conscious BESC minds… Envision a more cohesive, efficient building process with the end performance in mind.

A Common Sense Solution

BESC has assembled a team of professionals willing to work toward the ultimate goal of cohesive, energy efficient, high-performance buildings.  Our strategic partnerships with skilled trades and trusted service providers, complement our internal staff.  With BESC’s strong leadership and support team we organize timely turnkey builds that meet code, and exceed design and efficiency requirements for schools, public agencies, homes and business owners.

The Right Background for Success

To meet the needs of today’s public agencies, home and business owners, BESC has a wide range of expertise in high-performance building design, including:

  • Licensed Civil Engineer and Building Contractor
    Providing services for over 500 buildings.
  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer
    With simplicity and maintenance in mind, Tim has aided in the design and construction of many sophisticated mechanical systems.
  • HERS Rating Certified
    The CALCERTS, Cheers, and RESNET HERS rating system mark the standard by which a home’s energy performance is measured.
  • California Energy Analyst ‘CEA’ Certified
    A certified CEA with an understanding of broader energy efficiency issues and commitment to quality, Tim has conducted hundreds of home energy models.
  • Tenure in the HVAC Industry
    BESC has 20-plus years’ experience aiding commercial building owners, public agencies and homeowners in reducing energy use.

Tired of juggling consultants and contractors? Simplify the rebuilding process with our holistic high-performance design-building services. Contact BESC at 707-397-1487 today.

High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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