Driving Change in High-Performance Building Design

Since 1985, Tim Twomey has been involved in multiple facets of the building industry. With a longstanding interest in energy and the environment, Tim’s eyes were opened to the fragmented nature of construction and its effect on the final product. He witnessed many inefficiencies in the design and building process, often due to the large number of designers, consultants, and contractors necessary to complete a build. In a standard construction project, each consultant and contractor performs their part in the building operation as quickly as possible. This compartmentalization results in deficiencies in the overall performance of the completed structure.


The structure and framing of your home are intimately connected to its efficiency.


We have the equipment and expertise to determine your current energy expenditures.


BESC partners with trusted contractors to ensure your heating and cooling is uniquely designed.


Our design partners ensure your selections complement the ultimate performance of your finished home or business structure.


Engineering & Framing

The structure and framing of your home are intimately connected to its efficiency.

Insulation & Energy

We have the equipment and expertise to predict your future energy expenditures before building.

Design & Installation

When required, BESC partners with trusted sub-contractors to ensure your heating and cooling is uniquely designed.

The Domino Effect of the Fragmented Build

Tim saw not only how the isolation of each sector in the construction process leads to inadequacies in long-term building performance but also impacts purchases down the line. This includes things like overbuilt homes that, unbeknownst to their owners, worsen the efficiency equation, as well as the need to purchase larger, more expensive HVAC and hot water equipment to compensate for a leaky thermal envelope and poorly located, improperly designed equipment. Wanting to go beyond simply completing a structure that looks pretty, his passionately environmentally conscious mind envisioned a more cohesive, efficient homebuilding process with the overall end performance of the structure in mind.  

A Common Sense Solution

Tim’s solution was to amass a trusted network of service providers willing to work toward the ultimate goal of a cohesive, energy efficient, high-performance building. As BESC was born, Tim made strategic partnerships with trusted providers who would complement his background including skilled framers, HVAC experts, insulation specialists, and even insurance professionals. With their help BESC organizes timely but thorough builds, meeting the requested design standards and expected efficiency requirements of home and business owners.

The Right Background for Success

Helping him meet the needs of today’s home and business owners, Tim has a wide range of expertise in high-performance building design, including:

  • Licensed Civil Engineer and Building Contractor
    Providing services for over 500 buildings.
  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer
    With simplicity and maintenance in mind, Tim has aided in the design and construction of many sophisticated mechanical systems.
  • HERS Rating Certified
    The CALCERTS, Cheers, and RESNET HERS rating system mark the standard by which a home’s energy performance is measured.
  • California Energy Analyst ‘CEA’ Certified
    A certified CEA with an understanding of broader energy efficiency issues and commitment to quality, Tim has conducted hundreds of home energy models.
  • Tenure in the HVAC Industry
    Including 15-20 years of experience aiding commercial building owners in reducing energy use.

Tired of juggling consultants and contractors? Simplify the rebuilding process with our holistic high-performance design-building services. Contact BESC at 707-397-1487 or 530-302-3868 today.

High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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