Struggling to Navigate the Insurance Minefield?

Rebuilding your home after a natural disaster with the help of your insurance company can be a frustrating, overwhelming process. In partnership with Unity Adjustments, BESC offers insurance assistance for wildfire victims and those suffering from other unfortunate circumstances. Working together, we can speed the rebuilding process and help you obtain the just compensation you deserve in the costly California market.

Confused by Policy Jargon

For over 20 years, BESC founder Tim Twomey has worked with Unity Adjustments’ Bob Ellenberg, a licensed public adjuster in the state of California. Using a unique approach, Bob helps victims maximize their claim with no need to hire professional help. Performing informative, free, no-obligation workshops, webinars, and one-on-one consultations, Bob helps those in need maximize settlements. He also assists clients with contents and additional living expense claims at no charge whatsoever.

Get the Insurance Help You Need

Bob has been helping property owners understand insurance policy legalese, insurance law, and their rights for over 25 years. An area resident with a permanent office in Middletown, California, he has worked on both the insurer and property owner sides of catastrophe claims. Bob understands the ins and outs of the process, and how to help victims get a full, fair, timely insurance settlement for their upcoming rebuild. Learn more about Bob Ellenberg and Unity Adjustments.

Struggling to get the insurance compensation you need to rebuild your home? Ensure the just settlement you are entitled to with the help of a California insurance specialist who understands the costs of the local market. Contact Bob Ellenberg directly at 707-987-HOPE, or schedule a comprehensive consultation with BESC High Performance Building Design. Contact BESC founder Tim Twomey at 707-397-1487 today.

High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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