Start Your Energy Efficient Rebuild with a Single Call

Building a new home or business can be overwhelming, and with high-performance structures, increasingly so. If you’re flabbergasted by the number of contractors you’ve had to sort through in your attempts to secure a more efficient home or business, you’ve come to the right place. At BESC, we specialize in holistic construction along the Redwood Empire Coast, providing start-to-finish services to ensure high-performance results: A healthy, lovely, comfortable building with significantly lower energy bills.

What Design and Construction Services Does BESC Provide?

BESC employees and contractors excel in environmentally conscious building design. Working together, we provide comprehensive services including:

Structural Engineering & Advanced Framing

The structure and framing of your home are intimately connected to its efficiency. At BESC, we’ll help you understand how reducing framing can help you better control heat loss/gain and remodel your home accordingly.

Insulation & Sealing

Imagine going up Mount Everest in just a sweater with holes in it. When it rains, you  have nothing to manage the bulk water. Even if the rain stops, the insufferable subfreezing cold penetrates the holes in your sweater relentlessly. Although California weather does not approach the extremes in Mount Everest, most homes are built just with a hole-filled sweater.

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Heating and Cooling Design & Installation

Don’t pay for more system than you need. BESC partners with trusted contractors to ensure a heating and cooling investment uniquely designed for the tight thermal envelope of your high-performance home.

Energy Modeling

We don’t use a crystal ball. At BESC, we have the equipment and expertise to determine your current energy expenditures based on your building design, envelope, and insulation. Using performance modeling, we can accurately calculate the amount of money you could save monthly/annually with a holistic, high-performance remodel.

Testing & Commissioning

Building envelope, duct and HVAC and hot water testing during construction are the only ways to truly guarantee high performance. Commissioning is really about documenting the results so the home owner or maintenance technician can compare the affect of future changes to the original documented performance.

Home Design

From layout to flooring, appliances, and lighting, our design partners ensure your selections get you the home you want and complement the ultimate performance of your finished home or business structure.

Trusted Partners

BESC employees and contractors work together on the completion of your home or business, ensuring holistic home reconstruction per your expected efficiency and comfort requirements. No rushing. No fragmented service. Only careful, cohesive services that masterfully manage drainage, moisture, air leaks, thermal envelope, appliance matching/location, air flow and temperature, and more to ensure a high-performance, efficient building design.

Get more from your home or business investment. Achieve an enhanced, high-performance rebuild with the help of BESC. Contact us at 707-397-1487 today or fill out our free cost benefit analysis form to uncover how much you could save with a greener remodel today.

High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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