Why Us? BESC Simplifies High-Performance Building and Ensures Results

The envelope of your home or business is more than a physical barrier between the interior and the rest of the world. Playing a primary role in future energy costs, it guards against heat gain and loss, resists unwanted moisture and air infiltration, and helps maintain comfort levels within. Unfortunately, the ultimate performance of building envelopes often falls short. With the glut of contractors necessary to complete the typical build, each operating in a vacuum, the overall energy performance of a completed structure is often overlooked. How can you ensure high-performance results?

Look to a More Holistic Building Process

Rather than using a ridiculous number of random contractors, BESC relies upon specific professionals, mindfully chosen to ensure your home or business is built to your anticipated high-performance building requirements. Taking the time to verify performance at each step in the process, we carefully test each structure using specialized equipment to ensure a tightly constructed, well-insulated envelope. Why is this level of attention important?

At BESC, We Can Help You Avoid

An overbuilt structure

At BESC we work to control your current building costs and future energy expenditures through a smart build. Each board-foot of lumber built into your home costs money and increases the propensity for ‘thermal bridging,’ where poorly insulating materials like studs offer a pathway for heat to transfer through the wall. Heat transfer rates in these areas are 3 times faster than areas with surrounding insulation.

A leaky envelope

An essential part of the thermal envelope, the effectiveness of a building’s air seal is intimately linked with the amount of energy it takes to heat or cool it, as well as its structural longevity. BESC’s expertise and testing equipment ensure the proper wraps, sheathing, insulation, gaskets, special sealants, and spray foam provide this tight envelope.

Moisture issues

BESC understands the intricacies of moisture and condensation issues unique to every climate and building site, taking into account substructure and site drainage, ventilation, and barriers necessary to provide a longstanding structure with a healthy interior.

Siting Ramifications

For new construction, BESC can optimize the orientation of your building to take advantage of lighting, shading, and sun exposure during both winter and summer temperature extremes, designing and building critical performance elements.

Insulation inadequacies

A ‘well insulated’ structure goes beyond region-specified R-values. With the help of BESC, you can be assured your thermal insulation provides adequate protection for not only the climate zone but your structure’s unique design, reducing thermal bridging, gaps, and leaks to ensure a superior barrier.

the need for oversized HVAC

By avoiding thermal bridging and envelope inadequacies, you won’t need to purchase costly oversized HVAC equipment or pay additional energy costs over the lifetime of the system. Instead, BESC will design the system utilizing right-sized equipment and ductwork based on the unique footprint of your high-performance home or business employing nationally recognized standards and best practices.
It will take a lot of effort to build your home or business. Reap the rewards of a job done right with the help of the efficiency experts at BESC High Performance Building Design. Fill out our cost to benefit analysis and discover how much you could save today.

High-quality energy efficient home construction and rebuilding, especially in fire damaged Northern California.

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